Posting Tips, Rules & Guidelines


Logo image tip

It is recommended that when posting a Featured listing you should upload a Business logo and an image of yourself. Giving your potential clients a glimpse into what you look like automatically begins to build that relationship that will potentially prosper years and years to come.

Dimensions of the image should be approximately 600× 600


Currently, all listings are optimized for one keyword.  To best optimize your listing, please use your key phase in your title.  Be clever and research what keywords you want to be found on Google. Using something general like “hair design” will not rank well in searches because it is too general. It is recommended that for best search results, you use either your business brand or your personal name.


The profiles of paying members will be optimized for searches. Member option with added benefits coming soon …

Duplicate Listings

Although it is ok to select various categories for your listings, it is not ok to list the same business more than once.  Duplicate listings will be removed.


Transparency & Authenticity

All listings will be verified before publications.  If listings are found not to be authentic, they will be rejected and poster will be notified by email.

Offensive Language

It is obvious that offensive language or offensive images will not be tolerated.  Attempting such postings will end up in posters removal from the CSBD.

Safe Space

All members of CSBD will be treated with respect and dignity.  Lack of respect in any way shape or form will not be tolerated.  Poster will be banned from the site.